Top 8 Best Landing Spots in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3!


Whenever a player starts a single match of Battle Royale, no matter what the mode, the right landing spot can mean the difference between a defeat and a Victory Royale. How, you may ask Well, you get loot, which includes weapons and accessories needed to succeed and potentially gain powerful advantages over other players, and this can help you win the match. But with the latest update, even the most veteran of all players would need tips on finding the best Fortnite landing spots.

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That being said, let’s explore the 8 best Landing Spots in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

War Bus

This is a unique landing spot in that there are technically two War Buses, both of which move constantly around the island. It may be hard to track the War Bus on air but can be tracked in the game as a moving boss icon.

By defeating the NPC bosses, you can bonus items which you avail via the in-game menu too thanks to V Bucks gift card, should you find fighting the bosses too difficult.

Reckless Railways

Previously, it was known as one of the best landing spots in Fornite Chapter 5 Season 1, where it was a frequent hot zone and players were drawn in thanks to the frequent loot that was present in that location.

This Season, the train may have stopped, but the loot is still there, and although it is quieter now, landing in this location can give you a headstart.

Rebel’s Roost

A small Landing Spot where, inside the mansion, you can find lots of loot and Wasteland Challenges, thanks to the presence of the Totem outside, that can grant you XP for leveling up and grinding through the Battle Pass.

Classy Courts

This landing spot stands out thanks to its balanced nature, where a multitude of complex tennis courts along with ground loot and chests are found in this court!

Grim Gate

This location shares a lot with Classy Courts but make no mistake, there may be lots of loot that can be discovered but one of the toughest NPC bosses is present in this area and he will DEFINITELY give a tough time to players.

Brutal Beachhead

Here lies the area where the NPC boss, Megalo Don, resides, and defeating him would grant you tons of loot and gear that you need to earn that sweet Victory Royale.

Redline Rig

If you need to find an easier boss to defeat than Megalo Don, then the Redline Rig will do the job for you as you will battle it our against The Machinist.


This area is one of the hottest and the best landing sites in the current Season where defeating the boss Ringmaster Scar in a two-phase fight will grant you loot and rewards.